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Pot on Stove

Camping is a lot of fun, but it can also be a big hassle to store/preserve food.  It’s great to have a big pot of something delicious, warm, and succulent cooking over the flames or cooking stove.  The problem is usually how to store the big pot of soup for the next few days.  If you are like me, I always overcook and love to have too much food, instead of too little.  Also, I’m lazy so I like to make a huge pot of soup or chili that will last a few days.  But with camping, the big and obvious problem is:  NO REFRIDGERATION.  How to preserve your huge pot without spoiling it and having all kinds of creepy crawlers come to feast in the night?

The good news is that there is a small trick that many campers, boaters, preppers, and survivalists use to make that big pot of something good lasts for days.  It’s so simple and easy that I’m sure you will be using this trick for years to come to store your camping food or camping foods.

This is an easy guide in how to store/preserve your big bowl of hot food.

1). You have your big pot of something hot.  For my example, I have a huge pot of chili.  I don’t even have a refrigerator big enough to hold my pot of chili anyways in my apartment so I use this trick often to preserve foods for days.


2). After eating it and you want to preserve it for the next day.  JUST HEAT UP the whole pot – you MUST have a LID to keep all the heat in!  Wait until it BOILS for a few minutes (with lid on).  I happen to have a pressure cooker, but you can use any huge pot with a lid.  Once it boils, turn it off.


Using a camping cooking stove is the easiest way to do this.

BRING TO A BOIL for a few minutes!!  The longer the better.


3). Your huge pot of something delicious will keep overnight without spoiling and without attracting any bugs.  In the morning, you can reheat again to enjoy another day of your great food.

4). If you still have more soup/chili in the pot, REPEAT the directions above – heat the pot with a lid to a boil.  Then turn off the stove.

5). You can repeat for up to 3-4 days.

**If you have a cooking stove on your camping trip, then this method is very simple and easy as stated.  But if you are depending solely on a campfire, I must warn you that this will take a longer time as bringing a pot to boiling point on a campfire can be hard if you do not have enough wood or patience.  It can be done easily for people who are experienced at campfires and wood stacking.  If you are not great at making a campfire, make sure that your word is evenly distributed as this will make your fire hotter overall.

This is an old sailors’ trick to keep cooked food from spoiling while at sea as many sailors/boaters do not have refrigeration.  This trick can be used effectively and efficiently to preserve camping food (s) up to a few days when you do not have refrigeration.  You can still enjoy a huge pot of something delicious without cooking something new each day.

By Christine Nguyen

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