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Solar Panels

I was talking to a friend the other day, who was claiming that we wont really need electricity when everything hits the fan.  I began to relate to him all the things we use energy for: cooking, air conditioning, communication etc.  I then let him into the secret of solar energy.  The energy of the sun is free (until Obama figures out a way to charge for it) and actually works.  I realize that a lot of people do not understand solar energy and how to apply it to every day use. Solar energy is actually more affordable than most people think.  Multiple stores actually have small devices that you can purchase that use to recharge renewable batteries for flashlights, radios, power a laptop, hand held communication devices etc.



1372864705588However if you are looking for a portable way that can provide more energy needs you will need a bigger solar energy source.  There are very affordable solar energy panels that can provide significant energy needs.  This particular solar panel unit I purchased was able to power all my devices every effectively while we were camping. It provided enough energy to charge all our electrical devices, provide light for the nighttime and to assist with my child’s annoying portable electronic device gaming system.

1369449694619You will still need to obtain an inverter (converts energy into usable power) and a deep cell battery to store energy. This is just a quick overview of a free energy source.  Later post will discuss using solar energy to make amazing meals.


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