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So this patient I had about a week ago came in because he got something in his eye.  I started to think how important eye care is if you didn’t have access to medical care.  I myself started thinking about my own eyes ( I wear contacts) and what would I do if I couldn’t get contacts anymore.  This prompted me to get an eye appointment and to order a pair of glasses.  You cannot depend on the fact that eye contact companies will continue to make contacts if everything hits the fan. You need to be proactive.  Also remember to protect your eyes since they will be what help you see food, water, weather, danger etc.  You lose your eyesight things are going to get pretty scary fast.  So recommendation is get you some protective glasses to protect your eyes.

1. Sand and wind glasses protect your eyes from the elements


2. Sunglasses with curved lenses protect you from sunlight and some even will protect from UV light


3. Prescription glasses, have a pair that you can use as back up.  You don’t want to be without your vision.


This may be a simple concept but here is my challenge.  If you have prescription for your eye and wear contacts, do you have a back up plan.  GET THIS DONE SOON.  Hope you SEE the importance of this.

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