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street-scene-11-500x375So far, we have looked at a few ways to reduce our need to defend our preparations (by hiding them, keeping quiet about them, or planning to share) and we’ve looked at a few passive ways to defend our preparations (with big dogs, or by securing your home).  Today, we’re going to consider one final means of passive defense, and next time, we’ll begin to look at methods of actively protecting our preparations.

If you’d like to survive any sort of emergency where food or supplies are in short supply, try not to be alone.  Instead, carefully consider who you trust and think about joining up after your emergency.

There are a few good reasons that you’ll want to be around other people:

  1. You’ll be a less appealing target if you’re a group.  If you’re just one person, then two hungry people can easily approach you.  If you’re with several other people, the same two hungry people will think twice before they confront you.
  2. You’ll be able to leave if you need to and have someone to guard your preparations.  If you need to leave your home for any reason, it is best not to leave all of your preparations unattended.  Having other people around offers you much more flexibility and minimizes some risks.
  3. They can contribute other skills or supplies.  Although I seek to be as self-sufficient as I possibly can, the truth is, I can’t be everything.  Even if I feel 100% secure in my ability to feed myself (because, let’s say I have a great cache of food storage and I am a fantastic gardener)…am I also an expert doctor?  Do I know much of anything about weapons?  We only have a limited amount of time and resources, so we do the best that we can with what we have…but in many emergencies, we will greatly benefit if we have relationships with people who can meet some of our needs that we are not very good at meeting on our own.
  4. It may enhance the safety of your existing relationships.  Chances are, some people already know you have preparations. In our case, some of our family members know that we are quite prepared.  If we reach a point where times are tough enough that we need to protect our preparations, some of our family members will not have sufficient resources.  So, we will share food with them, and they can help guard it or do other tasks for us.  If we were not planning to share or form alliances with our family members, if they felt desperate enough, they may try to steal from us just because they know what we have.  Instead, we will keep them from feeling desperate, and they will be grateful for what we share, and they will be unlikely to steal or sabotage our preparations.

A few words about having people around when times are tough

It’s really important that you carefully choose people that are trustworthy.

Also, hungry people are more of a threat than people who have had something to eat; this goes for neighbors, friends, family, and anyone who happens to pass by your home.  If you can get your neighbors excited about emergency preparedness, you’ll be an awful lot safer when an emergency hits, because you’ll have a built-in group of people surrounding you that are also able to watch the neighborhood for suspicious activity. (If your neighbors are all hungry and unprepared, you better plan to look hungry too!)

Having people around should probably not be your only method of protecting your preparations, but it can be an important way to passively defend yourself and your stuff.

Do you have people you’re planning to include to protect your preparations?  If you have any thoughts on having people around to keep yourself and your preparations safe, please comment below.

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