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Portable Toilet

Since we covered most of the basics of water, I thought one of the topics that most people don’t want to discuss but is important is sanitation. The city sewer system are dependent on electricity and the underground pipes. If any of these systems fail or malfunction so do your toilet facilities. One of the experiences that I remember seeing was post Katrina sanitation issues. Many natural disasters have attempted to teach us the consequences of unsanitary conditions and  polluted water. Once these happen diseases such as dysentery can spread like an epidemic disease. So what do we do?

One of the easiest things to think about is gray water or water that is not fit for drinking.  This water is easily collected (rain, run off etc.) This water can be flushed down the toilet enabling you to get rid of human waste. About a gallon a water must be used to flush properly the human waste.  This also might mean you need to do selective flushing.  This means you don flush the toilet every time you use it.  You may have to do it once a day to conserve your gray water. There is a saying regarding sanitation that might be obtuse but its catchy, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow, if its brown, flush it down”.  Use your gray water wisely.

Sometimes having a portable unit can be helpful. By using this system you can save your human waste and conserve your water.  This portable system can be as easy as a bucket and a plastic toilet seat.

Portable Toilet

This seat system can have a plastic bag and then dispose of the plastic bag filled with human waste.  Then by adding an enzyme such as this example Enzyme 300 you can treat the human waste.


The enzyme 300 combines four enzymes and microbial action which will clean, maintain and deodorize the human waste. All you have to do is add small amounts of this enzyme and it will help with your sanitation needs.  Don’t get unnecessary illnesses because you didn’t take your sanitation needs seriously.  I realize this is a touchy topic, but if there is more to discuss if needs be.

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