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As you begin to plan your strategy for protecting your preparations, the first (and most basic) option is to keep quiet.  For the purposes of our discussion, keeping quiet includes three options: hiding your stuff at your home, hiding your stuff outside your home, and hiding your stuff by not talking about it. Remember: You… Read more »

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It’s been a bit of a side hobby with me to take note of “The Signs of The Times” concerning our failing economy. Ever since the “economic downturn” sideswiped America five years ago, we keep seeing clear signs that things are not turning around the way we’ve been told to expect.  I have to admit… Read more »

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In all of my travels around the world working disaster and humanitarian relief missions, the one key thing I’ve noticed with the general population was that the majority were unaware of the oncoming disaster.  Others I’ve worked with had very short notice that a disaster was about to happen.  The main reason for this that… Read more »

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I’ve worked numerous Natural Disaster and Humanitarian Relief missions all over the world from Southeast Asia to Central America, from the Middle East to Europe and back here to the U.S. I have seen firsthand on numerous occasions the massive suffering, misery, and death of everyday, ordinary people, men, and women, and children. In my… Read more »

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It is very interesting that in our daily lives, we insure nearly everything; we have auto insurance, fire insurance, home owner insurance, life insurance, and medical insurance.  With all the crazy and unexpected people in the world and all the problems with failures with technology, you never know when something unexpected will happen that you… Read more »

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I first saw very bias reporting during my combat tour in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War in 1990/91.  I had been in country for about three months when I had a chance to call home and talk with my mom.  She was telling me things she had seen on CNN and other major news… Read more »

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Having the proper mind set in any post disaster survival situation is extremely crucial in order to survive any disaster.  So in order to survive a worst case scenario, it is very important to be prepared Emotionally, Financially, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually.  If you’re not prepared in all five of these areas, you will either… Read more »

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I often get really excited about emergency preparedness and want to do everything I can to prepare.  Everything. Not only do I want to have food storage and first aid kits, but I wish I could attend classes to become a nurse and learn how to be an old-car mechanic. I would like to collect… Read more »

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Knowing how to recognize the affects of a CME or an EMP and what to do afterwards could save your life.  A brief review on what a CME and EMP are:  CME stands for a “Coronal Mass Ejection” which is a natural occurrence that comes from the Sun producing a Geo Magnetic Storm (GMS).  EMP… Read more »