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Dust Bowl

Almost anywhere you’ll go this summer, the heat is brutal. One of the biggest areas of concern from the ongoing heat is how it has been contributing to the nation’s drought and the impact it is having on our food supply. In their recent report, the NOAA went on to say that 56 percent of… Read more »

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Bean Sprouts close up

In times of disaster, it’s important to know some fundamental basics about survival food and about how to grow your own food.  Especially if you are vegetarian and you want the best organic food(s) for your body and nutrition.  Even in times of economic hardships that many of us face today, this guide to how… Read more »

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We’ve been discussing fuel storage for quite some time now.  We’ve looked at storing gasoline, propane, kerosene, white gas, and butane.  Today we’re going consider wood and coal as emergency fuels! Wood and coal are still a pretty common way to store fuel.  If you have campfires or barbecue much, you may use them pretty… Read more »

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GMO Carrots

Through the dubious practice of attaching irrelevant riders (provisions) to bills in order to force them to get passed, a biotech law was quietly placed into HR 933, a national budget measure approved by Congress since it was needed to keep the government going.  Though over 250,000 people quickly signed a petition asking President Obama to… Read more »

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Today we will talk about a few other types of fuel that you may think about storing: kerosene, “white gas”, and butane. Kerosene Although kerosene has become less common in the United States, it is still commonly used in Japan and in developing nations.  The Amish use kerosene for their lighting at night.  In addition… Read more »