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There can be little doubt that we’re headed for some very rough times ahead.  The devaluation of the dollar will result in an unavoidable hyperinflation of the money supply, and lots of people will suffer.  The problems we’re having now are only the beginning.  But all this raises the question: How bad will it get?… Read more »

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store front with going our ot business signs

Fair Oaks Boulevard is a main thoroughfare that reaches from Sacramento into the suburb of Carmichael where I live. Then, it continues for several more miles into the once sleepy little town of Fair Oaks. I was driving this familiar street thinking about how normal everything seemed.  Traffic continues as always with people coming and… Read more »

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In the central California area near where I live, they grow 80 percent of the world’s almond crop on 60 million almond trees. These trees won’t produce nuts unless honeybees are there to pollinate them, so to get the job done, every spring, California almond growers rent beehives that are shipped by truck from out… Read more »

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When it comes to surviving a post TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It) situation, there is a very big psychological plus to being with like-minded, survival oriented friends that you can trust with your life.  Without these good, close, like-minded friends, survival will be extremely lonely. While living and surviving under… Read more »

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I frequently hear of students lamenting the high cost of college tuition these days, yet few are stepping back to consider whether any of it is really worth the expense anymore.  For three generations now, it has been assumed without question that without a college degree, it is impossible to get ahead. It may be… Read more »

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Last week I showed you the containers I prefer using for storing my own supply of water, so if you’ve bought one of those for yourself,  you’re finally ready to take it out to the garden hose and fill it up with water, right? Well, not so fast there, Bucky. You want your stored water… Read more »

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With the deficit well over 16.3 trillion dollars and rising everyday, and a financial collapse of our economy imminent, the end of the American Dream is at hand.  Can it happen here? Yes it can, and the American people have no idea of the hardships and suffering they will be going through in the very… Read more »

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Last Sunday, our local news here in Sacramento covered a story that was heartwarming, inspiring, and, to the discerning eye, a bit frightening.  Over two thousand volunteers donated their time and substance to help the many families who are having difficulty keeping it together during these hard times. The event, dubbed Convoy of Hope, was… Read more »

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Storing gasoline seems to make a lot of sense.  Gas prices keep rising, and if you believe we’ve hit peak oil—which we probably have—prices could go up exponentially.  Conflict in the Middle East continues, and that could lead to a diminished supply of oil. On a smaller scale, if your community experienced an emergency, delivery… Read more »