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The people who will live and even thrive in a worse case scenario post disaster situation like a CME or an EMP attack will be people who are not arrogant, who are not complacent, who are not in denial, who are not gullible, who are not a narcissist and who will not rely on the… Read more »

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Chili made in a dutch oven

In surviving a worse case scenario disaster, everything you have in your possession will have to last you indefinitely along with foraging for what you need.  This will be due to no supply truck running, civil unrest and crime waves destroying businesses and homes, and devastation from natural disasters.  So recycling everything feasible will be… Read more »

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I was watching a news reporter on the scene last month on the morning Apple was making available the new iPhone 5, the latest version of its popular cell phone. The reporter introduced us to a line of twelve people excitedly waiting for the Apple store to open so they could get their hands on… Read more »

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When it comes to preserving your preparations, your first line of defense will probably be keeping quiet.  Hiding your stuff and keeping quiet about it will keep you from becoming an easy target when the going gets tough.  Your second method for preserving your preparations doesn’t really sound like a method for preserving preparations at… Read more »

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Due to some delusional hype about the ancient Mayan calendar, some 12 percent of Americans had expected the world to come to an abrupt and violent end last Friday. That would mean almost 40,000 Americans woke up on Saturday either greatly relieved or gravely disappointed that no global catastrophe had wiped out their neighbors. When… Read more »

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If you think you’re prepared because you have a bunch of guns and ammo, you’re a fool. Preparedness is a pretty big part of my life, so occasionally I’ll talk to people about preparedness related topics. Especially in group settings, it is common for people to brag or joke about having guns and ammo instead… Read more »