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So once again I was having a discussion with one of my friends who is a doctor and we were trying to determine if we knew something bad was going to happen and we needed to get stuff quickly what would we need. This makes a few assumptions.  1st that you have cash to get these items, second you have not really prepared well enough.  I guess to say this is a quick and dirty list for the last minute planner.  This is a simple list of what we complied.

Supplies To Buy From Local Stores

N95 masks

Disposable gloves (latex or vinyl)

Tylenol / acetaminophen, 3 bottles

Aspirin/ ibuprofen, 3 bottles


Prescription refills

Fill up on tank of gas

Extra gas in portable containers

Soap, shampoo and conditioner

Toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss

Water purification tablets

Vitamin C and multivitamins

Omega-3, antioxidants

Meds for diarrhea

Candles and/or tea lights

Battery-operated radio




8 packages of 12-rolls toilet paper

5 boxes Kleenex

2 boxes matches;

10 lighters Batteries (at least 10 packs)

Tampons if needed

Bag onions

Bag / boxes of mixed nuts

As many bags rice you can afford

Box sugar (biggest you can find)

Boxes macaroni and cheese

20 cans beans,

Bags dried beans


10 cans vegetables

20 cans tuna/chicken/fish

20 bags pasta

3 jars jam,

5 jars peanut butter

10 jars pasta sauce

30–60 jugs water

Frozen meat

5 large bottles vegetable oil

2 big bags potatoes



hand sanitizer

Liquid dish detergent

Big jug white vinegar

Energy bars

protein drinks

Paper plates

Plastic utensils

Paper towels

20 cans tomato paste

Spices you use

Bags of oatmeal

Fresh fruit and veggies

Box salt (biggest you can find)

Soups that don’t need water

Flashlights (3)

Bottles Gatorade

Garbage bags

Propane cooking stove

Propane fuel

fire starters


rubbing alcohol

Ready-made first-aid kit

Shaving cream and razors

Laundry soap

Extra manual can-opener

Extra scissors

3 loaves bread

Boxes powdered milk

10 bars/tubs butter

10 bricks cheese

Boxes crackers

Bag cookies


Please don’t judge our list hard.  We realize that most of the people reading this blog are educated and into survival.  However, what about your neighbors who are clueless. This list is based upon what you should attempt to accomplish in the VERY unfortunate “last-minute” trips – when everyone else will be “panic shopping” beside you.  Focus your energy on grabbing foods that provide the most nutrition. Hope this list is helpful.

One Response to “Last Minute Supplies”

  1. Jim

    I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be too critical, but your numbers are all over the board. You have a good start in at least beginning a plan, however, during and emergency, shopping that list would be impossible for a single person and probably for even three or four. What are you going to carry all of that in? Do you have a full size cargo van or a box truck?

    The most important item on the list is water, and although most automobiles would be able to handle the weight (250 to 500lbs), will that fit in a Mini Cooper?

    You need to refine the list, look at servings and serving sizes. One pound of pasta will serve 4 to 6 adults, one pound of ground beef added to the pasta and a large can of tomatoes will feed 10 to 12 adults.

    Anyone who thinks they can wait until “it” happens is a fool. Here in socal the early warning of an earthquake is when things start shaking.

    Keep working on your plan. Store what you eat and eat what you store.


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