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Considering that more than 80% of the population of the nation lives near the oceans or rivers that are teeming with fish, this is a guide to help those who are preparing their emergency kit for the inevitable of economic collapse, supply line disruptions, and worse.  With simple household items, you will be surprised what you can turn into lures with little time.  While digging up some worms, maggots, canned corn, or even using old bread is a great way to catch fish, you may not be in an area with such “luxuries” when a major disaster hits.

This is a quick guide to help inspire people to use their imagination for fishing and other things around the house for their emergency preparedness kit.  Using only 3 items, you can get a fishing lure ready for deployment and on your way to some dinner.

My first lure is an example of easy homemade lure for your emergency preparedness kit.  You need aluminum foil, a hook and some scissors.

lure 1

Depending on the size of fish that you are going after or what local knowledge of the types of fish, vary the size of the hook and the aluminum foil accordingly.  Some big fish have small mouths so don’t always believe that the bigger the fish the bigger the hook.

These photos show the way to fold the lure t and cut it in a tapered manner.

lure 2lure3 lure4lure5 lure6lure7

The part where the hook is going to feed through, you would like extra thickness in that area as to the aluminum foil does not get torn off quickly from the first strike.

These photos lure shows you how to cut, fold, and make the “feathers” of the lure to stand out.

lure8lure9 lure10

This photo shows approximately where to put the hook through.


These photos show how to route the hook through the lure.


This is the final product’s side profile.


If you are going to be casting this lure from a bank on a river or lake, you will need some weight to launch it and light test line so the thickness of the line does not slow down your launch of your lure.  If you are going to be “trolling” from a bridge on a river or bay that has some current, you can bypass the weight part.  It is ok for the lure to go in circles, but it should be slow circles.  If you find your line to be twisting up, have a fine swivel tied inline to your lure.

You are probably going to ask, what fish you are going to catch with this.  Well, in fresh water, bass and any other fish that will bite on a “shiny minnow” type lure.  In salt water bays or piers on the ocean, you will catch barracuda (under 2 feet is edible) and any other reef fish that is attracted to shiny lures.  While many fishermen think fish are smarter than they really are, my personal experience is the opposite.

Another example of a homemade lure for your emergency preparedness kit is what my boyfriend produced out of a plastic whistle.  Granted, this is a trolling lure behind boats, but may be effective from bridges with high current running through it.  This plastic whistle was found on a city street, but because of the pink color, my boyfriend knew that it was right for several fish, including wahoo, tuna and mahi mahi.  He just used some ingenuity in placing the hook into the whistle, trolled it a few times to make sure it was not spinning terribly, and like magic, dinner came!

Lure16Lure17 Lure18 Lure19 Lure20

Other homemade lures that I have seen were a broken CD/DVD with a hole drilled through it for a hook to pass through.  Cut a white bleach bottle into a small triangle with a hook passed through.  One of the most effective I have seen is a white T-shirt cut from the collar in a triangle shape with small cuts in the trailing edge to give it a moving feel.

While many people will fish fresh water and usually certain types of fish are “abundant,” the western world usually shy’s away from eating fish like carp and catfish.  While carp are bony, it is a very edible fish and sometimes overly abundant in areas that you would not think of.

Use your imagination and try different designs and colors when making lures from scratch for your emergency preparedness kit.  All you need is several different size hooks for different occasions and you can ingeniously derive a way of catching food in desperate times.

Good Fishing!

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