Storing Water Part 7: Getting the Ph Just Right

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Be sure you’ve read part 6 of this series before proceeding. Since all sorts of unsavory methods are used to keep municipal tap water “clean,” the water from your faucet is probably not going to have the proper ph balance.  It is absolutely essential that you have the proper ph levels when you’re storing water… Read more »

Food Storage: 3 Step by Step Guide on How to Preserve Jalapeño Peppers

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Storing food is very vital in an emergency of any magnitude for disaster preparedness.  Emergency food that you make and preserve yourself can make you more self sufficient in continuing that emergency food supply in the long one if you have available fruits/vegetables growing at your house or nearby.  You can do this for your… Read more »

Water Basics- Purification Step 2

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Now that your water has been treated to remove the physical pollutants, the important task is to make the water safe to drink by eliminating or killing the microbiological pollutants.  There are five main methods of doing this: 1. Tablets:  Water purification tablets (Halazone tablets) are available in most drug stores and or sporting stores…. Read more »

Water Basics Purification Step 1

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Siphoning Water for Water Purification

This next topic is vitally important to understand.  Water that has been contaminated with radiation particles, dirt, bacteria or other pollutants requires purification that basically takes a 2 step process. First step is to clean the water of all physical impurities such as dirt and debris.  Then it must be made biologically safe to drink…. Read more »

Water Needs: The basics

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The most important aspect about emergency preparedness is water. During an emergency, you may lose the water supply to your house by having it cut off or become contaminated. Having a water supply is probably the most important part of your preparations.  DON’T PROCRASTINATE this important item. Many different diseases such as dysentery, diarrhea, hepatitis,… Read more »

Storing Water Part 3: Filling Those Containers

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Last week I showed you the containers I prefer using for storing my own supply of water, so if you’ve bought one of those for yourself,  you’re finally ready to take it out to the garden hose and fill it up with water, right? Well, not so fast there, Bucky. You want your stored water… Read more »