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Rice and flour are essential food items to preserve in your emergency preparedness kit and food storage.  Your family will need pounds and pounds of it as it’s a staple in many families’ diet – not to mention cheap and affordable.  You will need flour to make bread, another essential food item for your family’s daily food intake and if you are anything like my family – rice rounds it up to complete a meal.  Of course, potatoes is another essential item, but you can’t really preserve whole potatoes too well, but you can use this guide to preserve powdered potato spuds that you can buy in large quantities at Costco or other big retailers in your city.

It seems simple to preserve rice and flour in your food storage, but BEWARE of what are called weevils – tiny, black bugs that live and breed in your rice and flour.  Yes, they BREED! I don’t mind them much if they were just a few black bugs, but they breed larvae that look like teeny maggots swarming in your rice or flour.  Yes, it is very disgusting to see those little squirmy larvae multiply and wiggle, while you are trying to make something of your flour/rice.  You can sift them out, but believe me, when they multiply, there are a gazillion of them, making you lose your appetite for whatever dish you were going to make.  Your food storage of these essential items needs to prevent weevils from getting to your supply.  Sometimes, they are already in your rice as they are found inside the rice grain and flourish when there is air and heat so even if you preserve everything correctly – if they are already in your rice, you have to take extra precautionsweavels2



I could not take pictures of their larvae as they are too small to capture on my camera.

This is a step-by-step guide on food storage methods for preserving your rice and flour.

1). Buy air-tight containers to store your rice or flour.  Air-tight containers are a great item for food storage of all types.  Glass is preferable because weevils seem to get into plastic containers much easier.  You can use plastic containers if that is all you have (I just recycled a big one I had on hand).  Cut rice or flour bag and pour into container of your choosing.

flourrice plasticglass containers cutflourpourflour

Or you can just use a big plastic jug (I recycled 10 gallon jugs of water below).

PlasticWaterJug#1plasticwaterjugspiceopen#3 Plasticwaterjugfinal#4

2). Buy cloves, bay leaves, chili peppers, or other herbs that detract weevils from your rice and flour.  They are known to keep weevils away from your rice and flour food storage.


3). Put your rice/flour in the air-tight container sprinkled liberally with whatever herbs you decide.

openjaropenjarspice closedjarplasticspiceopen

4). *An extra precaution for killing the weevils already inside your rice/flour for your food storage has 2 methods:

*You can either put your rice/flour in the freezer to freeze all the larvae that might be in your rice/flour or you can burn them in the oven.  Both ways work to kill any larvae that might be in your food items.  I prefer the freezer as it’s easier.  Just freeze for 24-48 hours.  If you opt to burn them, turn your oven to 350 degrees and put your rice or flour in a thin layering on a cookie sheet (this can take a long time if you have many pounds to store).

5). Store in a cool, dry place for food storage for your emergency preparedness kit.

Now you can store all your pounds of rice and flour in your food storage for long periods of time so in case of a national emergency, you have a steady supply to feed your family.

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