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So my boy was helping me with refilling and putting additive in my 55 gallon barrels.  After we had added the additive to the water a few time, my boy started to have this cough.  He has asthma that gets worse when he is sick.  Unfortunately in this case, adding the additive which is a combination of chlorine and phosphoric acid created a mist fume and it affected his lungs.  He had to stay home from school due to his exposure to these chemicals while I treated his gas inhalation issues.  This got me thinking.  How could I have done this better?  Well first I could have not exposed my boy to these chemicals, second I could have had more ventilation access. I had to put my boy on albuterol nebulizers and make sure he washed.  Next is avoiding the irritant and ventilating the area.  I know this seems basic but if you are in an emergency situation you need to know what to do.  If you have a family member who has asthma, make sure you have rescue inhalers available.  Getting a mask for your family member is also a great idea. If you have nebulizer machines then make sure you have albuterol bullets available for asthma attacks.  I should have known better and yes he is getting better but I could have avoided this whole incident by proper ventilation, and not exposing my boy to the irritants.

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