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Taste is the first hurdle for the Perfect Food.  If it isn't the most delicious food you've ever eaten, nothing else matters.  The folks at eFoodsDirect are so sure that you'll LOVE this food, that they're putting their money where YOUR mouth is.  Just agree to a small charge ($14.95) to cover shipping and handling and you'll soon have 6 FREE meals for the tasting.

More reasons why the Gourmet Meals from eFoodsDirect are PERFECT for the RV Lifestyle:

  • You can store a large Quantity of Food in a very small space.
  • Ready in 15 to 20 minutes - Simply boil water, add food, simmer, stir and serve.  YUM!
  • Highly Nutritious - Retains 97% of the nutrients of garden fresh food.
  • Long Shelf Life - Up to 25 years!
  • American Grown Food Supplies - More stringent regulations mean healthier food.


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Two, 2-Cup Meals of each...

Creamy Potato Soup, Zesty Tortilla Soup and Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole

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