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1-Month Family Food Pack



Supply includes a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items with 628 servings of Quick-Fix nutritious food. Packed in 3 durable medium-sized plastic totes. 

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1-Month Family Food Pack



Supply includes a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items with 628 servings of Quick-Fix nutritious food. Packed in 3 durable medium-sized plastic totes. 

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This 1-Month Family Food Pack is the peace of mind for any possible emergency or quick-fix meal situation. Every time you eat one of these meals, you are eating healthy, delicious and cost-effective food. Your meals are as nutritious 25 years from now as they are tonight.

NOTE: eFoodsDirect reserves the right to substitute individual food items in Food Supplies with products of equal or greater value at the time an order is fulfilled based on product availability while maintaining an equal nutritional value and quality of the items being replaced.

  • Packed in mylar pouches
  • Shipped in 3 medium totes
  • Only $1.18 per serving

32 Servings - Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
96 Servings - Eggs Done Right

16 Servings - Creamy Potato Soup
16 Servings - Potato Cheddar Soup
16 Servings - Cheddar Broccoli Soup
16 Servings - Tortilla Soup
16 Servings - Pasta Fagioli Soup
16 Servings - Italian Chicken Soup
16 Servings - Chicken Noodle
16 Servings - Minestrone Soup
16 Servings - Corn Chowder

8 Servings - White Cheddar Sauce Pasta
16 Servings - Cheesy Chicken Rice
16 Servings - Au Gratin Potatoes
16 Servings - Vegetable Beef Stew
16 Servings - Mashed Potatoes
8 Servings - Beef Stroganoff with Pasta
8 Servings - Chicken Alfredo Pasta

64 Servings - Rice

40 Servings - Grape Drink
40 Servings - Orange Drink
48 Servings - Whey Milk

30 Servings - Chocolate Pudding
30 Servings - Caramel Creme Pudding


Customer Reviews

  • Smart Choice
    Review by Katon 6/26/15
    We tried the sample pack before buying a bucket of 1-month food. The food only takes a good supply of water to prepare. It has a shelf life of 25yrs. And the food tastes very good. It would be very easy to live on this food if needed. Storage is easy and the green bucket provides a handy and easy to identify when in a emergency situation. I am buying our second bucket of 1-month food, but have my eye on the 1-year supply.
    Remember, during times of food shortage, there may be rioting, so don't let anyone know you have this supply and keep it in a safe place hidden from anyone coming into your home. It is very well packaged, so there is no worry that it is protected from pests, etc.
  • Positive
    Review by Bad dawg Bobbyon 7/31/13
    As time is moving on, I'm feeling better about the economy. But ask me if I feel bad about storing Efood, not a chance. In my opinion, this is the best buy and me and mine feel secure to a point.
    Good taisting food too (!) Thanks EFood
  • great value and service
    Review by mannyon 7/8/13
    I and my family purchase two of the one month family packs. We feel a little more secure, plus great service/shipping! We are saving to purchase one or two of the one year freedom packs. Thank you so much Efoods!!
  • 1 month family food pack
    Review by tmmon 11/20/12
    We ordered the sample pack and liked it so we got the 1 month family pack. We ordered it before the price change and got a very good pricing compared to other emergency food stores. Wish though I had gotten the 3 totes liked the pic shows, but I got 2 totes and 1 box.They told me that was because I had ordered before the price change. So the only problem with that was 1 of the mylar packs had a pin hole in it and it got all over the rest of the box and food to the point I had to rinse off each package that came in the box, not the totes as they were clean and organized. So now you get 3 totes instead of 2 totes and 1 box. Anyway I called about it and the customer service was great. For my trouble there sending me the Christmas gift pack as a token of good faith and that was fantastic. So if there is a problem they see to it that your satisfied with the product. To sum it all up I am very pleased with the process. and will purchase more food in the future. .
  • Product Taste
    Review by Clinton 11/1/12
    I live in the area impacted by Sandy I had purchased already but never tasted the product until this week and I can't tell you how good the soups have been. I am going to buy more for everyday use...it's that good...
  • Love It! But get it well ahead of time!
    Review by Paigeon 8/20/12
    We ordered the "sample" packs that you can get where you just pay shipping. I highly recommend doing that so you know what the food tastes like - Efoods has VERY big portions - my 6'4 husband and me ( average, 135lb) women can't finish 1 pack in one sitting. Which is great! Now, we ordered our food literally 1 month ago and are still waiting on packages, *** This could just be timing*** but it really sucks to have to wait so long - So if you're going to get it, JUST DO IT! Price is right, and tastes great! Very sturdy meals, it's deffinately going to fill you up. This is not a salad kind of full, more "meat and potatoes" feeling full with most of their meals. Good for survival!
  • Totes are perfect
    Review by Herbon 7/23/12
    I have been wanting to order a food supply for my family for a long time and finally ordered from efoods. I really like the totes the food comes. it makes it easy to stack and avialble for use. Highly recommend

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