3-Month Food Supply

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This 3-Month Food Supply is the peace of mind for any possible emergency or quick-fix meal situation. Every time you eat one of these meals, you are eating healthy, delicious and cost-effective food. Your meals are as nutritious 25 years from now as they are tonight.

NOTE: eFoodsDirect reserves the right to substitute individual food items in Food Supplies with products of equal or greater value at the time an order is fulfilled based on product availability while maintaining an equal nutritional value and quality of the items being replaced.

  • Packed in mylar pouches
  • Shipped in heavy duty tote
  • Only $1.19 per serving





Customer Reviews

Not what I was expecting! Far better :) Review by Amanda

I can't believe how tasty this is! I've had the cheesey chicken and rice casserole, tropical fruit medley, and oatmeal so far. They all have tasted incredible! Other companies I've tried and can barely eat the foods from some. I have a feeling I won't be disappointed with the other dishes I have ordered! Perfect for anyone who wants an inexpensive, flavor-rich, super easy
to prepare meal! (Posted on 10/19/2017)

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