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The best way to go about selecting any product, especially one as crucial as food storage, is to hear success stories.  Review our growing list of testimonials below to back up our promise to deliver delicious, quick-fix and easily stored meals.

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2012 Stories

I want to thank you for giving me an affordable way to store food for my family of six. I am expecting my third shipment from you. With your
specials I am able to order a supply regularily. It isn't easy to find room in our budget but eFoods has affordable prices and a high-quality product.  You are my only food storage suppliers!

Thank you again,

Carol C., TX

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We received our shipment today and could not be happier with our purchase and your great service. Thank you so much for everything. We will continue to purchase items from you from time to time to add to our storage. Thanks again. Kevin F., WA

Your meals are incredibly easy and quick to prepare and they taste wonderful! I'll definitely come to you again in the future. Jake S., TX

In March while preparing for a camping trip, we purchased several of your 7 Day Food Supplies. The meals were the highlight of our trip - quick and easy to prepare, and taste great! Last week my husband lost his job and I can't begin to tell you how comforting it was to find two months worth of your meals left over from our trip. I am telling all my friends to get your 7 Day Responders. Jennifer P., TX

I am allergic to GMO foods and have been struggling to find food I can trust that isn't going to make me break out in hives or get sick. I tried the 7-Day Food Supply for 7 days and was amazed! I had no reaction and I feel like I actually have more energy and I couldn't be more pleased. Now, I am not only stocking up on food for when "all" our food maybe GMO or inflation hits the roof BUT I will be now eating it every day as my food source. I feel great and I can trust the quality completely. Keele F., MO

I received the Food Supply and was pleasantly surprised to find that the food tastes wonderful! The cheesy potato soup is delicious! Really did not expect it to taste this good. These meals would be great for campers and outdoors enthusiasts as well...this food would be perfect to take and make while camping. Cody D., OK

I must therefore give you and your company my highest recommendation possible. You are providing a great public service to us all by making great storable foods available at very reasonable prices. Jim V., MN

You can't beat the value and quality of the 7-Day Food Supply meals for camping and backpacking especially on extended trips. It's lightweight and nutritious and best of all it tastes great. It's easy to prepare. Week B is my personal favorite. Mark P., FL

I was looking for an alternative to freeze dried meals which have typically been lightweight and easy to prepare but I found that I get a lot more for my money from your 7-Day Food Supply. You just can't beat them. Doug G., AZ

We're so impressed with your company. Our Food Supplies are now safely stored and we're feeling very prepared for whatever happens next in this crazy world situation we're all in. Thanks so much and we will be buying more in the near future. Mary S., OR

The 7-Day Food Supplies are great for my family's 'survival packs that I have ready to go if things get crazy here. I have wanted something that I could use in our pack that is simple and light weight. Thanks for making it so easy to care for my family. I do not have a big budget these days, times are tough for me and a lot of people, so being able to buy something to continue building my food storage supply means everything. You guys make it so easy. I will only purchase my food storage supplies from you. Bless you, your family and this great country. Christo H., AZ

Just wanted to thank you again for all you did for me. I received the second shipment yesterday afternoon. You guys went above and beyond, so thanks to you and you whole staff. I will be purchasing more food from you guys down the road for sure. Chad F., NV

Just wanting to say thanks for your wonderful service, and I'm getting ready for worst of times. Its plain awful what will happen but thanks to you, I will be prepared. Thanks for being here. Jean C., ME

We bought a one-year worth of meals, and as I was sitting here thinking about starting into it January 1st, I realized that your products eliminate the need for washing, peeling and cutting up of vegetables/fruits. I love to cook, but can't help but think how much prep time it will save. Imagine - never having to wash, cut up or peel vegetables for a whole year! Cathleen B., NV

Received my Food Supplies last week. Everything was in order and timely. Thank you for you professionalism. It was a pleasure to do business with people you can trust. Jim S., MT

Hello - I am already a customer.... and have purchased about 18 months worth of food. I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service. I feel very fortunate to have made preparations ahead of time. Michael M., NV

I highly recommend your products for anyone interested in significantly lowering their grocery bill and hedging against a national disaster. Thank you again for a VERY pleasant experience and product. Nancy C., NY

I just wanted to express my gratitude for what you are doing. Among the basic necessities for human life, it seems that many of us take food and food supply for granted. Helen C., MO

I started out with the 7-Day Food Supply. I'm a long haul truck driver. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the meals tasted. They are really easy to prepare, just boil the water. The taste of the food to me was more than I expected in quality and taste. We have bought a years' worth of the prepared meals and are incorporating the meals into our daily diet. Michael L., GA