Food Kit

In response to FEMA's recommendation that every household have a 3-Day Kit of food on hand for each member of the family. The eFoods 3-Day Food Kit is only $25 dollars per person in your family.

ePack 60 2-Month Food Supply

Get the eFoods Direct "Just in Case" ePack60 food supply, which contains 60 days of easy-to-fix, storable meals for one person.

Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole Case

Our Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole is covered with melted cheddar cheese nestled in a blend of creamy rice and vegetables. It also includes bits of chicken flavor to enhance the meal's taste.

Get Your
6-Meal Planning Pack

How much food do you need in your food supply to feed your family? With the NEW Food Planning Pack from eFoodsDirect, determine your emergency food storage needs, plus get some free meals in the process. The Free Food Planning Pack includes:
Emergency Kar Kit

  • Three (3) Pouches of Quick-Fix Meals
  • Four (4) 1-cup Servings, or Two (2) Hearty Meals per Pouch
  • Food Planning Guide Helps Calculate How Much Food You Need
  • 30-Minute Audio CD by Steve Shenk, eFoodsDirect Co-Founder
  • Catalog of Products


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    When you are getting started to be prepared for an emergency, it can be difficult to know what to do first. What’s the highest priority? Should you start with storing water? Or buy pre-packaged foods such as eFoods? What about storing medicines, toilet paper, and diapers? Or perhaps sorting out which investments are good bets ...
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Is your family prepared for an emergency?

Nutriversal Seal of Promise

It is the dawning of a new era at eFoodsDirect. All manufactured products will now carry the exclusive Nutriversal Seal of Promise, which explicitly defines what has always constituted eFoods and its unique position in the industry: Our good-faith promise of uncompromising quality which far exceeds the standards set by law and industry norms. Nutriversal is a combination of a focus on nutrition and universal customer appeal.